Client Proposal

At Sullivan Life & Pensions Ltd we will assist you to achieve your financial objectives through the following six step process.

1. Gain a full understanding of your current financial position

This will involve a chat around your finances and a fact find to gather information to highlight areas in your finances that may need to be addressed.

2. Help you identify your financial objectives

This is where you tell us what your financial objectives are, often with other financial institutions this is the other way around.

3. Identify your attitude and capacity for risk

Most people accept that they will have to take an element of risk with their pensions and investments in order to secure a return, we will help you find this level of risk and more importantly your capacity for risk, and tailor a plan that suits you. You are often not as risk averse or as adventurous as you think.

4. Complete a financial plan and recommendations based on this

We will then provide you with a written financial plan and our recommendations surrounding this.

5. Implement solutions

Once you decide what areas you wish to address we will present you with product options that we believe will help you reach your goals.

6. Ongoing review to help you stick with your plan as circumstances change all the time.

Remember Rome was not built in a day and you will not address all your objectives at once but over time and with a plan we can help you get there.